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    How can you successfully get a new job?

    If you are on a mission to get a job in Germany, then this is the article that can give a complete idea of the hiring process in Germany as well as direction to nail in each process. 
    The job hunt process starts with an online job application, then HR interview, after that technical interview, finally an onsite interview. Once you read it till the end, you will never feel that finding a job in Germany is difficult.
    Let’s get started!
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    Homeoffice: freedom with discipline

    The Internet makes it possible to bring the office to your home. For many office goers, it feels like heaven when they work from home. Because it gives enormous freedom to the working people.

    Plus, the companies also can get rid of overhead costs such as electricity, water, infrastructure and so on. So, as far as the work is done perfectly no one cares about where you work. All they need is whether the quality work is delivered on time or not. 

    However, every coin has two sides, telecommuting is also not an exemption. 

    The home office gives complete freedom, but freedom without discipline can put you as well as the company at the risk of underperformance. 
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    The Basic Guide: Your career planning

    We all know that planning our career is something that we all have to do one day and that too with great efficiency. This is a decision that most of life depends on. That is one of the main reasons why people panic when it comes to planning what they need to do next in their career. In order to clear your dilemmas and help you get to a concrete decision, is listing down a few tips. These tips are going to come extremely handy when deciding the next big step in your career that you need to take. 
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    IT recruiters in Germany

    Before looking at IT recruitment trends in Germany, let's look at the main developments and their changing distribution. Experience and active search for candidates have become the very latest topic in recruitment in Germany. Corporate brands have become increasingly important in recent years and pose a greater challenge to recruiting employees than recruiting a professionally experienced workforce. Social media recruitment declined in 2015, but returned in 2016 and back again. Since 2013, the spread of candidate management systems has continued to increase, and employee referral programs have continued to be important since 2014.
    As noted above, the Applicant Management System and ATS are considered the most appropriate and most commonly used technology by Recruitment companies. The company also uses software to search for and find candidates, e.g. LinkedIn Recruiter or XING Talent Managers. XING is the equivalent/more than of LinkedIn for some DACH regions (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria). This solution is considered a shooting star in all technologies.
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    Why should the company hire you?

    At first, when your CV makes a stand out for the interview, it is the time to shine. They asked for an interview in the first round. So what's next? The purpose of the initial interview is to confirm your qualifications and determine your initial cultural fitness. Your application passed the exam, but did it pass?
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    Professional orientation

    The traditional model of career development and career path has its age. It's no longer possible to move up the hierarchy with one step: candidates tap the same steps, hold back, or find that they can't go higher. Meanwhile, entrepreneurs urge results, flexibility, high-level commitment, and willingness to accept change - the most important element of one's professional development.
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    Tesla reports building a GIGA factory in Berlin

    Under three weeks in the wake of a beginning preliminary generation of vehicles in China, Tesla has reported the area of its second industrial facility outside the United States: Berlin.
    Elon Musk has since quite a while ago needed to have the German carmakers' lunch, yet nobody figured he would have the dauntlessness to do it in their very own staff bottle.
    At the point when he declared with a tweet, for the current week that Tesla would fabricate its first European generation plant close to Berlin, there can be no uncertainty that was his aim.
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    How to find a job after graduation in Germany?

    Germany is one of the finest destinations for students in Europe as it is setting the lowest unemployment rates. There are a large number of requirements for both EU and non-EU students who are looking for work in Germany. Especially for the fields of automation and engineering. Thus, working in Germany is an attractive option that is available for students graduating in the upcoming years. Germany has various attractions that have made it be one of the best places to work. This is a guide that will let you know how you can lookout for a job after pursuing your graduation.
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    How to find a job as a student in Germany?

    Germany is the world's fourth-largest economy and Europe's largest economy. The level of unemployment is one of the lowest in Europe.  Some very well-known companies in Germany, both domestically and globally, offer countless employment opportunities.

    Together with highly affordable living expenditures, long term aspirations, brilliant higher education, and an impressive medical system, more such factors have made Germany a gateway for ex-pats looking for a decent job.

    Being such an advanced country is higher than ever before the need for skilled professionals who are willing to take responsibility for important tasks in various sectors. If you've received a renowned certification in Germany and you're seeking employment to start a lucrative career, this article is for you.
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    Germany opens the door for skilled labour from the non-EU countries

    For several years, the German labour market is suffering from a shortage in several fields. In all fields, there are 1,2 million unfilled positions in the German labour market in 2019.
    The German labour market has even a very huge shortage in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and healthcare. 500,000 STEM positions are vacant in Germany. In addition, it is mentioned that in October 2018, the German industry registered a shortage of 337,900 workers and the skills shortage in these fields has doubled in the last three years. If we add the number of people needed in the healthcare sector, that number will be even way higher. The newspaper "Die Welt" had already reported that the shortage of skilled workers could cost Germany about 30 billion euros.
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    How does clusterjobs speed up your job search?

    clusterjobs is a smart tech-focused job search. It increases your chances to find your dream job in Germany. The company was founded with one important goal - to simplify a process of a job search.
    AI & NLP engine helps to match your unique profile with the most suitable jobs. Highlighting applicant`s passions, strengths, preferences, and work experience the system gives the list of vacancies that fit better.
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    Artificial Intelligence and how does clusterjobs use it for recruiting and job search?

    Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very promising trend in the industry. It covers intensively more and more fields. Human Resources (HR) recruiting is not an exception. But it doesn't mean that the robotics will take place of a human recruiter. Absolutely, no. In reality, the integration of AI into a recruitment process is primarily focused on easier and quicker recruiting and hiring an ideal candidate. On the other hand, job-seekers benefit a lot from AI too. The system automatically screens an applicant`s curriculum vitae (CV) and matches it with the most relevant vacancies. 
    What is clusterjobs?
    clusterjobs is located in the multi-national and business-focused city Duesseldorf. It was developed with a passion to enable career success for everyone by young professionals with experience in IT and HR branches. The platform offers different modern software solutions empowered by AI for both HR-specialists and job-seekers in the IT field. Core services of the platform are posting jobs and searching for jobs.
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    Jobs in Germany for specialists with IT-degrees - easy!

    It is not so difficult to move legally to Germany for a work if you have a degree in information technology. The best way is to find a suitable IT-job and to obtain a residence and work permit, which is called in German Blaue Karte. This residence permit is intended for non-EU professionals. 

    Requirements for obtaining Blaue Karte:
    • recognized degree. You can find out whether your degree is recognized in Germany on the official foreign education portal anabin.
    • a job contract from a German company. The contract must specify the amount of the salary. In March 2019, it should be at least 41.808 € per year for IT professionals.
    More information about Blaue Karte can be found on the official website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.